Bridgerton: Why You Can't Stop Watching

This period drama brings no surprises to those who love the genre, but for those who never thought they were Pride and Prejudice material only to find they can't miss a corseted moment of Bridgerton? It's all in that soundtrack. Instead of giving you wallpaper-y, forgettable music in the background, this show mashes up the old and new, going from Vivaldi to Ariana Grande, Billy Eilish, Maroon 5, and Taylor Swift and back again.

All played by the Vitamin String Quartet.

Why the string quartet? The string quartet is an AMAZING vehicle for giving pop songs a new, live and acoustic feel, with enough layers to bring melody, harmony, bass groove, beauty, and energy, all while being classic and modern within itself. Our savvy clients already know this, and use the effect to the max with combinations of classics and modern choices that represent their tastes. The result is this umami of things that stays interesting throughout, and a ceremony that is so original and perfect.

I wonder if you're starting to brainstorm ideas for your event. Or if you're tired of listening to your same old playlists and looking for something new to listen to. Not sure where to start?  Well, it just so happens that music is our favorite subject. I hope you'll reach out and ask us for starters and recommendations. 

My lemon tree is blooming and the sun is shining. Time for me to practice and answer your emails so I can head outside. You should probably start looking into scheduling some Bridgerton time. I've left some videos below for you to start thinking about what you'd like to hear at your wedding. See you soon!

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