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We Give Back

Is it really work when you get to play music on the beach at sunset? We get our best beach time then, when the soft sound of the waves mixes right into the ambient sound of the acoustic strings. As the sun sets, the magic happens and a happy couple becomes just a little happier.

We feel so lucky, knowing that the whole experience of that beach wedding would be a lot less magical without the pristine natural beauty of Southwest Florida all around us there to set the scene.  

For this reason, we donate a portion of our profits every year to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. They have been working tirelessly since 1964 to help protect our water, land, and wildlife and keep our area the natural wonder it is. We're really proud to support their work and to give back to these unsung heroes whose work is what makes our weddings and everyday lives so special. 



As a little summer postcard from me to you, I've attached a photo of one of the wilder specimens you'll find down here, the roseate spoonbill. When they're spread out over the water, they look like cotton candy floating by. Your best place to spot them is at the J Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge Center on Sanibel. 

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