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Vanderbilt Strings at your service, great wedding music
At Your Service

This is Janie. She's great at making difficult things look easy and she has experience and organization on her side to make this happen.

She's a music superfan and brainstormer, at the ready to discuss Brahms or Bittersweet Symphony-- or anything you throw her way!

Clients tell us that they find Janie informative, accommodating, sincere, and just plain fun to work with.

We like that.

Drop her a line to take advantage of her know-how and have access to our client perks, then get ready to pull off the perfect music.

She'd love to hear from you!


Worries, be gone!

We are a fixture on the Naples event scene because of our commitment to details, professionalism, elegance and flexibility, all delivered with talent and a real enthusiasm for what we do. 

On the big day, all you'll need to do is get down to the task of enjoying your friends and family.

As it should be.

Elegant event music for Naples Fort Myers
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